The IndependenT - Turk, D

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The IndependenT - Turk, D


There has not been an Independent President in the United States since George Washington and he wasn’t elected, he was appointed to a position he didn’t want.

In a two-party system, it is difficult for an independent candidate to find enough support to win an election.  The Independent Green, Tea, Libertarian and Socialist Parties have tried to out maneuver the Republicans and Democrats in the United States for years with little success.  What would happen if a President wasn’t bound by party lines? 

Sam Waters was a small-town construction contractor who had never belonged to a political party.  He was quite content to remain independent of the parties and be free to vote his conscience.  When the City Council of his small town ignores the people, and attempts to add yet another burden to the over taxed people, he challenges the system and wins, bringing fresh ideas and a new approach to business in Washington, D.C.

Can Sam, as an Independent manage to bring the Parties and Congressional houses together to work for the People?  Can Sam change the face of politics in the United States?

What would the global impact be?  Would there be a surge of third party candidates in established two party governments? 

“The IndependenT” looks at that possibility through the eyes of a common man in a very uncommon situation.


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